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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2017
From the start this film has the look and feel of a made for TV, after school special, oh, and it has No correlation whatsoever with the scriptural story of the prodigal son, none. The fact that they even use that in the title is offensive as it seems to simply be pandering to a Christian audience. Five minutes into the film you also know everything that is going to happen; Son will return home to help out the family, he'll wind up staying and then save the failing family business. He'll also fall in love with the pretty maid who's been there for years but somehow is unrecognizable to him after his two year absence. Seriously? Who writes this nonsense? The best part though has to be the scene during the big benefit concert when a famous music star is performing in order to raise money to save the B&B from their evil competitor (also somehow completely unknown to the son who spent his life there). Somehow this rockstar's entire sound system is being controlled from a tiny, un-manned sound board just sitting by it's lonesome backstage allowing the evil B&B competitor from down the street to walk up and not only pull out the various cords but then cut them all with a wire cutter. Suddenly, the younger brother who's never done ANYTHING but work at the B&B runs back stage (the band members meanwhile have no clue what to do!) and is miraculously able to splice all the sound cables back together AND get them plugged back in to just the right spots BEFORE THE FIRST SONG IS OVER!!!! Wow, simply amazing! Tune in next week for more great adventures with B&B Guy! "He may be a mild mannered bed maker and pancake flipper but as fast as you can turn down bed linens he becomes B&B Guy!" Yeah, I know that's stupid, but it fits.
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