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January 3, 2019
I am a beauty addict.

I constantly am looking and will try multiple products to solve my beauty "opportunities". I have pretty fine hair so constantly washing my hair daily is a no go. When dry shampoo came to be, it was a great solution for me! However, most dry shampoos I have tried, from the reasonably priced to the super expensive, always leave my hair oily. I am the user who sprays dry shampoo in her hair at night, wraps it up in a top bun, and the brings it down in the morning.
Every morning it was always oily...until now.

I first bought the small bottle of the Chia Seed to try it out. The packaging looked nice and I had heard about the Hask brand from a friend. After my first night, it was the first time I had a non-oily morning - EVER!
The smell is nice and it sprays nicely when putting it on. I immediately went out and bought the big bottle for home and threw the little bottle in my gym bag.

I am now obsessed. I buy the 6 pack small kick to have a bottle with me at all times. My gym bag, my desk at work, my car, my cosmetic bag in my purse and my travel cosmetic "ready to go" bag since I travel a lot and I am always packing a suitcase.

I am so excited that this product is now on Amazon. After first finding this brand at another retailer, it is so convenient for me to buy this product on Amazon with all my other beauty needs. It's hard to find a quantity of six of the small size in one retailer at any time. Thanks for making it easy on me!
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