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Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2016
I am going to email Red bull here shortly to find out
A) what the hell they put in these things that has me more hooked than a Large mouth bass on a night crawler. I mean to tell you, I CAN NOT get off these things, and I love it... I am literally spending upwards of $300 a month on Bulls right now and I DON'T CARE, I Love it, I never felt so good, my productivity is through the freakin roof. I mean if this was Crack I'm pretty sure I'd be neck deep in an intervention right now, listening to my family tell me if I don't take Help right now, I'm talkin today, that they are going to cut me off forever....How is this SH*! even legal??
B) Why have the stopped at a 20 OZer?? I mean come on, ya all get me good and hooked and then you stop at Two-O's. I mean come on, make some Duece Dueces, or Duec Quads at least. If you really want to kick it up nasty style ya'll need to bust out some Tres dueces or even a Fotyozer. Heck just get to the point and sell me this miracle juice in 1000 milliliter I.V. bags, which is actually a great idea other than the fact this stuff tastes to freakin good I wish you made a powder form, not only for snorting but for sprinkling on everything I eat.
I just completely lost my train of thought, I need a bull.

UPDATE: It's been about 2 years since this review and I am still helplessly addicted... Good news, apparently you can't die from this stuff...
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