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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on November 3, 2018
I'm an IT professional and making this review as part of The Insiders program. That being said I usually have more realistic idea of what to expect from a new tech device's capabilities.

Honestly, with the POWERbot R7070, I've been rather impressed. It has a powerful suction motor and drive wheels. The R7070's pathfinding capabilities are far more inteligent than I ever expected from a robotic vacumm at this price point. I have a 1400sq/ft home with a slightly open floor plan and I use the R7070 mainly for the living room, dining room, kitchen and halls. In those areas the layout is not simple with angled cabinets, moving objects etc.. I purchased the R7070 knowing my use case would challenge any robotic vacuum. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the pathfinding capabilities are that Samsung has incorporated into the R7070. The setup was very simple to connect it to my home WiFi and link it to the Samsung Hub app on my Adroid phone. My favorite feature has to be the history function in the Hub app which actually provides an after the fact path mapping of where the robot went during its cleaning cycle. This helps show just how inteligent the active path finding is and can also show the few times that it isn't. It has shown me times when I forgot to close a bathroom door in one of my hallways. It went in swept the bathroom as part of its full circuit and still had no problem making it back to base to charge. Charging back to full takes a few hours but With the R7070 you get a more powerful suction motor and larger battery. This allows the R7070 to do a double pass on regular suction setting in my house on a single charge. I run the R7070 a couple times a week while I'm at work and honestly my floors have never been cleaner and I'm very happy with the purchase.

Now for the bad, which in all honesty are minor in my mind. Occasionally pathfinding has completely missed a hallway which it has no trouble finding other times. The R7070 is also anything but quiet. That is to be expected with the how powerful suction motor actually is. I would not recommended running it at night near bedrooms unless you are a heavy sleeper. Retention tabs for the replaceable roller are just plastic thumb slides on the underside which can get caught on hard objects like metal Central Air vents unlocking them. I've actually found the robot has managed to unlock the tabs and lose its roller during cleaning. It doesn't have a sensor to register the missing roller which is unfortunate.
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