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May 4, 2016
I wanted a portable cordless vacuum to clean my car and this one is supposedly one of the best currently available. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews (here and elsewhere) and this is the one I picked. How did it do?

The unit folds up nicely and looks pretty smart on the counter with it's charging stand. Very convenient and spatially compact. The folding design is somewhat useful when vacuuming, but only to a small degree because it is handheld and you can usually just angle your arm how you need to. You'll find that you almost always will just use it in the configuration as pictured and then fold it in half to store or charge it. It has nice form fucntion and feels nice to hold. It's not terribly heavy and the sound is loud, but not overly so and not grating or too high pitched either. The charge seems to last 15 minutes or so which is adequate for it's needs.

The issues actually arise in use. The width of the "snout" and it's crevasse tool are a bit too wide and not quite long enough to be able to be used well in more cramped spaces (between car seats and the like). The main problem is simply the suction power. I had to go over and over and over the floor mats just to get normal sand and dirt off of them (we are not even talking pet hair). It would pick stuff up - even pull up a mat if you angled it just so - but it still would not get sand or dirt out of the mat except for what was on it topically. Even small bits would just bounce around on the surface while the vacuum was going over it, but then it would pick up a tiny stone. This is not the tool to pick if you wish to clean carpets. It did a little better on cloth seats (the floor mat material is too course for its suction power). It works ok as a touch up, but its not worth it as a dedicated car cleaner. It would do ok literally as a dustbuster - picking up sawdust, dirt and dust off of hard surfaces.
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