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June 26, 2018
I normally purchase the 17 lb pail of Purina Tidy Cats Free & Clean Clumping Cat Litter (I've been using it for my kitties for years), but currently the pails are only available through 3rd party sellers at a ridiculously high price - so I ordered the 17 lb box.

Be forewarned:

The 17 lb BOX has NO handle. It's shipped "as is" (not in a shipping box, which is fine). I use a wheelchair for mobility, and without a handle, I couldn't pick up the box to carry it from my front door to the back of my house (where the litter pans are) after delivery. So I decided to open it and transfer the litter to my empty Tidy Cats Lightweight Free & Clean Clumping Cat Litter 17 lb kitty litter PAIL.

There are two pull tabs to open the box; one on each side, situated on the long sides of the box, about 2" down from the top of the box. You're supposed to grab the tabs and pull them, "unzipping" the top of the box, which you then fold back to pour (or scoop) the litter out of the box.

Sounds easy, right?

Except those tabs are very difficult to grab, because they're really embedded in the box (and although the tabs are scored, the scoring is only through the top layer of the corrugated cardboard from which the box is made). So I had to get a knife to pry the tabs out to grab them.

I managed to unzip about 3 inches on either side of the box, then something stopped the unzipping process. Upon closer examination, I noticed a band of 3" wide clear tape had been applied to the box starting near the bottom of the box on one long side, continuing up and over the top of the box, and down the other side almost to the bottom. That band of tape covered 3" of the zipper on either side and was preventing me from unzipping the top of the box.

The tape serves no purpose; the top of the box simply *cannot* pop open accidentally - even if the box is dropped - because the aforementioned scoring of the zipper isn't deep enough to negatively affect the integrity of the box.

So...I took my knife and attempted to slice through the shipping tape over the zipper scoring on both sides of the box so I could continue to unzip the top.

The knife slipped out of my hand and the tip of the knife gouged me in the leg.

Blood immediately began gushing from the wound. A LOT of blood. It splashed onto the box and flowed down my leg, over my foot, and onto the floor.


After I stemmed the bleeding, cleaned the wound, applied antiseptic cream and a bandaid, washed my leg, foot, and the floor, and wiped the blood off the box, I *finally* managed to slice through the tape without further injury and managed to unzip the rest of the top.

I scooped the litter into my empty 17 lb. pail (which has a handle, so I can move it...and a lid that folds back easily and reseals... and it can't be tipped over by my cats).

Love the litter and have been using it ever since it was introduced. I would continue to buy the box and just transfer the litter to my old pail (because the world doesn't need more plastic) IF the boxes had a handle AND were easier to open AND if whomever applies that useless tape to the boxes (which only serves to make the boxes more difficult, and in my case - dangerous - to open) STOPPED doing that...
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