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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on August 23, 2018
So I have been purchasing all of my Pampers diapers on here for over a year now. I should have known on my last purchase when they looked different something was a-miss. The last order did not have the Sesame Street characters but instead little kitties, I thought no big deal, new marketing tactic? Then I started to really notice the difference....First off, they were visibly different in the overall size and thickness. They appeared to be much thinner and flimsy. The tabs ripped off several times. Many of the diapers had dark brownish spots under the material as if their was too much chemical or went something in production (I was too afraid to put the mystery spotty diapers on my son so I ended up throwing probably at least 8 away). They left little white pieces of material all over my sons bottom and WORST of all they gave him terrible diaper rash :(- which NEVER happens!!. After that I threw them out and ran to my local Target to get a new box of QUALITY pampers. Fast Forward to last week>>> I decided to go on amazon to check the reviews and many parents shared my same concern. I noticed when I went to place an order that their we very distinct NEW and OLD over each box, thinking they fixed the problem I was sure to order a NEW box of pampers hoping to get the standard Sesame characters I was used to but much to my disappointment (and $54 later) when the box arrived it was the same low grade diapers I had just thrown away.
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