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May 13, 2019
This training collar is an excellent buy. Nice item and price point.

I have a 14 week old puppy and was concerned that the collar unit would be too big for him. After adjusting the length of the collar (which is quite long), I put it on Rigley and he had no problem with it. I left plenty of extra collar webbing so that I can trim adjust it as he grows. In the provided picture he is wearing the unit with the collar untrimmed yet. I just folded it back and threaded it through the fitting to hold the tag ends until I ready to trim it. So this picture may make the collar look extra bulky.

Using the unit was very easy to understand and operate. The control unit unit works at a good distance from the collar so there is no need to be very close of a correction needs to be sent. Controlling the shock level was also quite easy.

The collar comes with long prongs for the collar which I am sure is needed for longer hair dogs but I think I could have used a set or shorter prongs had they been included. The collar attaches to the remote unit much like a watch band would attach to a watch, with pins. I think an improvement to the unit would be to make it so that you can use other collars on the remote unit if you choose.

I am so far very happy with the overall purchase and with the cost of the item. I am happy with the way my puppy is reacting to wearing it as well as how he reacts to the different typed of warnings it provides -Beep, vibrate, shock.

I would purchase again
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