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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2015
A great tuner. As others have said, this is an accurate tuner, and the display is much better than other tuners. I have used the Snark, which is less expensive, but I recommend the UberTuner over the Snark for these reasons:

1. The UberTuner is built better than the Snark. It has a bigger and brighter display and the clamp is stronger. It just feels more substantial. The arm from the clamp to the tuner is stronger and looks like it will last.

2. When the instrument is in tune, the LED indicator on the Snark will hover in the middle but bounce around a little. This is fine, except when compared to the UberTuner which has an LED circle that lights up around the note you are tuned to. This light stays on and doesn't bounce on and off like the indicator on the Snark.

3. To test each tuner, I clamped the Snark and UberTuner on my guitar at the same time. Both are accurate, but the UberTuner is slightly more responsive. Like I said above, it is easier to tell when the instrument is in tune with the UberTuner since it has the LED circle that lights up.

My only suggestion for the UberTuner is to mark the On/Off button a little more clearly. It is a black button on the side of the black case, next to two other buttons. It would be nice if the On/Off button was either a different color, was raised a little, or had a little nub you could feel with your finger. This would make it a little easier to find and turn the unit on and off without looking so hard for the button. This change would also make it harder to confuse the On/Off button with the other two buttons on the side of the case. The On/Off button on the Snark is a different color and is located on the face of the unit.

Final recommendation: Spend the extra few bucks and get this tuner. It's well worth it!
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