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November 7, 2003
Finding Nemo is a good movie with super production and great Disney themes: family, paternal instincts, friendship, loyalty, and the parent-child conflict dynamic of protecting the child versus the ability to let go and let the progeny do things on his/her own. For those who don't know: Marlin and Coral are clownfish who produced a school's worth of eggs but Coral and all but one of the eggs are eaten by a barracuda in the first minutes of the film (scary for little ones). Nemo is the sole survivor and grows up with his overprotective dad Marlin. On his first day of educational school, Nemo is captured by a diver for his dental office's saltwater fish collection and Marlin overcomes his fears of open water to swim through the whole coast of Australia to find Nemo, aided by Dory the nutty blue tang who tracked the path of the dentist's boat.
The movie is not as funny as most of the other Pixars, though it has its moments: the Fisheaters Anonymous meetings for sharks, some of Ellen DeGeneres' scene-stealers as Dory the forgetful blue tang, the goofy fish Nemo meets in the dentist's tank who provide color commentary for dental procedures.
The movie is also more poignant than the other Pixars. And you're guaranteed never to look at fish in fishtanks the same way again.
As a DVD, the extras are not very good. There are "deleted scenes" but they were deleted at the storyboarding stage of production, so they did not get the full Pixar compu-graphic workup and are instead crude drawings with proto-type voiceovers [Pixar does an initial voice-over of the script with in-house production crew members providing the voices, then brings in the high-priced talent like DeGeneres, Albert Brooks [Marlin], Geoffrey Rush, Willem Dafoe, etc.; sometimes Pixar folks' work remains in the movie such as Crush the surfer-dude turtle in this flik, and Heimlich the fat caterpillar from A Bug's Life]. There are also some educational bits that are interesting.
But the character interviews with Dory, Marlin and Nemo are not particularly humorous or well-written, they just magnify the characters' more noted traits. Worst of all, there is NO BLOOPER SET -- the best feature of the other Pixar films (they're so popular that Monsters, Inc. had TWO Blooper sets). That is a true loss.
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