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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2019
I've been using generous amounts cinnamon in my cream of wheat and oatmeal every morning, for the past 4 months, and was running out. By generous amounts I mean at least a full tablespoon, because cinnamon is healthy right? WRONG!

Well, let me clarify this. Cassia cinnamon, which comes from China and the inexpensive type generally found in grocery stores, is not good in large amounts. Cassia cinnamon contains coumarins which can be harmful for the liver and kidneys. After much research, I purchased this Ceylon Cinnamon, as it is relatively safe in generous amounts.

As soon as I received it, I ripped open the bag and WOW! You know the strong cinnamon scent you smell when walking through Fall/Cbristmas floral displays, using the cinnamon brooms? YES, it's that smell, and it's there every time one opens the bag. As for the taste, it is milder than regular Cassia cinnamon, but also more complex. This cinnamon tastes the way true cinnamon is expected to taste.

Also, I had read some reviews debating the authenticity of this brand of cinnamon as truly Ceylon. This brand of cinnamon does not cause itching as did the supermarket cinnamon. For over a month, I experienced intense itching all over my torso, a few hours after ingesting supermarket cinnamon. Once I found out Cassia cinnamon may contribute to liver problems, I figured out the cause of the itching episodes.

I didn't receive anything for this review. I'm just navigating the different Ceylon cinnamon brands, and recommend Jiva Organics.
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