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Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2015
I was given a pair of these by my wife, and they became my go-to shoes for wearing while doing yard work. Insanely comfortable, easy to hose off to clean, great ventilation on hot Southern days. They stayed outside for me to wear when the next impromptu chore came along. I had them for over a year, wore them constantly when yard duties called each weekend.

Lately, I noticed as I placed the shoes on my feet each week that they were getting harder and harder to slide on my feet. I was finally forcing my feet into the toe box just to get them on. I worried that I was retaining water in my feet, possibly a sign of heart issues...turns out, all I needed was a new pair. The shoes, left outside day after day, will slowly shrink. My old and new shoes, side-by-side, show the old to be easily one size smaller than it first was, maybe two sizes. The new shoes, by contrast, are roomy and comfortable.

[In the attached photo, the shoe on the left is the "old" shoe, the one on the right is the one just delivered, and BOTH are size 11]

The moral to the story is to care for your Crocs, don't leave them outside for days on end. Otherwise, they may begin to get snug on you, too.
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