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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2018
In spite of the cost, I highly recommend these semi-professional RAID drives for anyone needing to store large amounts of data in a redundant manner for safety against data loss. The unit installs easily. Just plug it in, attach a network cable, and fire it up. You then install a small software package on your computer to access the data on the drive and to carry out administrative functions. The admin program, which is web-based, is pretty nice, with many features and functions for the more advanced user, yet an intuitive interface for those not as familiar with these functions. A somewhat slow spin-up time and shut down time is a factor, but not really a big issue if you keep the drives on and go into sleep mode when not in use. Physically, the unit is compact, but heavy (of course, the drive contains two 3.5-inch RED network drives, plus the RAID hardware itself), and is visually attractive. Noisy at startup and shutdown, it is nearly silent during normal operations. Transfer speed through Ethernet is good, with speeds nearing 100 Mbs for many transfers (speed will depend on if you are transferring many small files, or a lesser number of large files). The drives themselves are easily accessed from the front panel by pulling up the hinged lever, and the drive slides out. So, if you ever need to replace one of those network drives, it's a snap (and let's hope we never have to do so). After a couple of hard drive crashes, I knew that I had to move to a more robust method for storing data (I'm a photographer), and this fits the bill. I like the device so much that I have two: a 16Gb model and a 12Gb model. Their relatively small size and overall quietness make them an unobtrusive pair of storage devices. When you think of the cost, ask yourself the "cost" of losing all those photos, recordings, videos, etc. you've made over the years. Highly Recommended.
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