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Reviewed in the United States on December 18, 2017
I was intrigued by all the positive reviews for this book. The beginning hooked me in, and I ended up finishing it in one sitting, but for different reasons than the fans. Wavy and Kellens relationship was innocent to begin with, but took a gradual inappropriate turn at some point. I found myself waiting for the plot to redeem itself; by maybe skipping ahead to an adult Wavy before the relationship became romantic in nature. Once the first intimacy happened I knew it was too late for that! I found myself torn between wanting Wavy's happiness and cheering the aunt on for doing what any adult with a lick of sense would do! In the end I kept with it waiting for Wavy to heal and move on, maybe get some counseling, be able to eat in front of at least her friends or family! I feel like the author in one sense was pushing for a gritty realistic read and in another was asking us to believe in a fairytale ending of happiness. Lastly, since this material involved a child, I have to go here: the description of a sexual act with a child for entertainment is considered child pornography. The only saving grace here is that this particular child is a fictional character. I find it disturbing that in our society love conquers decency. So a good love story between a 25 year old and a twelve or thirteen year old is acceptable as long as penetration doesn't happen? What the heck people?!
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