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Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2019
I was so sad that I had to return ‘Ralph’, our Euphy 11S! Our home is 1,100 sq ft and is about 70% medium like carpet and 30% LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank by LifeProof). I bought this because the description said it does well on medium pile carpet, which I did not find to be the case. I have 2 Australian Shepherds that shed a lot. Here are the pros and the cons of the product from my experience:

1. It looks nice and sleek
2. It’s easy to empty the pan
3. Leaves nice lines on carpet
4. Great at finding its way back to its charging station
5. One battery charge was enough for it to completely go around my 1,100 sqft home several times.

1. Does not connect to internet so there is no smart mapping or scheduling capabilities with it
2. Constantly pulling out plugs from the wall and pulling things off of counters due to sucking up the wires. It takes WAY too long to turn off once it has devoured your cords.
3. Doesn’t ‘learn’ areas that it shouldn’t go over time. Ours kept going into the same area of the kitchen and getting stuck in the same area under the table .
4. The pieces they give you to go on the bottom that swivel around are basically useless if you have anything more than a low firm pile carpet. It’s clearly made for hardwoods.
5. Even with it cleaning the whole house 3 times I day I still found that in regards to the carpeted area (70% of my home) that I needed to vacuum every other day still. When I did my Shark vacuum pulled up SO much hair and dust that the Eufy just wasn’t able to.
6. Quiet but weak motor means it isn’t able to pull up dust or embedded pet hair. It’s very much for surface level cleaning.

Overall, if your home is mostly hardwoods and you have some low pile carpets this could be great for you. If you have allergies to dust or pet hair you need removed then I would not recommend. If you have exposed chords or stairs I would not recommend since there are no mapping capabilities with this model. I ended up returning mine after 2 weeks for a full refund from amazon. I’ll just stick to the 10 minutes it takes me to vacuum each night.
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