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Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2018
It's great. The enclosure looked better than expected, thanks to glossy, embossed graphics. It helped a low budget desktop PC from 2010 handle Windows 10 Home 64 bit's need for constant storage device activity. The 55.1 MB / s hard drive often filled the Task Manager's graph with 100% activity for several minutes at a time. When the machine was idle and background maintenance processes were active, it behaved the same way. Now the 261.1 MB / s solid state drive (on a SATA II Intel G41 motherboard) calmly and quietly handles these matters and keeps the formerly tall, solid green task manager graph way down at the bottom with a few small spikes now and then. The computer is much more responsive now. It isn't frantically trying to handle Microsoft's bloated code and getting in my way. Interactive flow with the user interface has been restored. Delaying gratification and waiting for solid state drive prices to fall was a good move, since the performance difference was very noticeable. It's cool to see Windows 10's File Explorer generate photo thumbnails quickly. Installing software is much faster too. Updates and malware scans are no longer a burden. I'm glad I went with an established name brand.
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