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Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2018
I consider John Carpenters Halloween to be the greatest movie ever made. Not only is the film amazing but it also captures a moment in time (the late 70's) better than any film from my childhood..I don't have time to write a thesis on the power of the original Halloween or the time to explain why Zombie's remake was the perfect alternate view of the story to someone that grew up with Halloween in their dna.

I really believed that this take on Halloween was supposed to return to the atmosphere and attitude of John Carpenters masterpiece and I looked forward to it more that any movie in years..I thought Michael Myers would once again become "the shape" lurking in the shadows causing fear, dread, and gut wrenching suspense with the help of a evil sounding minimalist score (even John Carpenter disappointed me here). And why not pay homage to Dean Cundey's fantastic cinematography? This looked like some made for Netflix poorly lit fake film..I'm glad they dropped the Laurie is Michael's sister thing that started in Halloween 2 (A far superior film) but that is about all that I liked...If this is supposed to be a direct sequel to the original why make Laurie a psycho vigilante hell bent on revenge?..I have no problem with the Laurie character making a appearance in the film, but to have some ridiculous final show down with a plot to cage "The Shape" is about as far away from the mindset of groundbreaking 70's independent film making as you can get...And don't get me started on the sitcom style humor.

I swear I almost started to tear up in the theater due to my disappointment. This is no better than Halloween 4,5,6, H20, but anything is better than Resurrection...Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 3: The Season of The Witch, Rob Zombies Halloween, and yes even Rob Zombies Halloween 2 are all that exist to me. But those films are still not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the original Halloween. I have not been this wrecked with disappointment since "The Phantom Menace"
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