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March 14, 2019
Don't you love it when you buy a product based on the stellar reviews - and then it simply stops working after 3.5 months? Yupp - this was the case with this Secura kettle. Incidentally, product support seizes after 3 months.... maybe they know something we don't?

At first, I really loved this kettle. I was fast, had great capacity - and it kept water hot for a whopping 4 hours. I used it every day to support my all-day tea drinking habit. It was everything I had wanted, everything the seller had advertised, and everything commenters were raving about. I was happy. I was ready to write a 5-star review.

Then, the kettle simply stopped heating the water. The temperature gauge seemed fine - it showed the temp of the cold water I poured in. It made all the familiar beeps when choosing the temperature. But nothing happened after that. I just wouldn't heat the water anymore. No cooing, cleaning, tending worked. The kettle was on strike.

I figured I'd contact the seller - Secura - to let them know their product was faulty, and they would kindly replace it for me. Imagine my surprise when I found that returns stop after 1 month, and "support" stops after 3 months. At this point, I can't even find a way to contact the seller - their profile is utterly blank of such information. Reading through the Q&A, I noticed that they aren't participating in providing answers, or replying to comments.

In short - DO NOT BUY this product. I just flushed $60 down the drain because I was lulled into complacency by the great reviews.
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