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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2017
What is there to say about Office 365 download version? Well I partially want to review my experience on Amazon, then I will lightly review the Office product as a whole or suite, I won't dive into each software title or application.
Immediately I realized that the integration with OneDrive app and Office 365 was a little rough. I haven't explored that further yet. I also haven't logged into my MS account as well and it seems to require you to do that to upload documents through Office 365 instead of using their separate OneDrive app. So that through me off a little.
The process of purchasing and downloading from Amazon was pretty seamless. I thought I would have to grab the product code, go to and redeem it manually. I like how their link connects you directly into your account (assuming you are signed in under the correct account) and it inputs the product key and you basically just have to choose a few different options and accept.
One of the best features I like of this Suite is that it comes with 60 Skype minutes per month. This is a smaller added bonus as this is good for the random call or 2 that I may do when I do not want to use my cell phone. Or I just want to be able to talk on my computer to someone else using their cell phone.
I also love the 1GB of cloud storage in OneDrive. Now I know there are die-hard fans that will always prefer Google over Microsoft, but 8 out of 10 times I will prefer a Microsoft product vs. Google and I ultimately love the OneDrive experience. All be it, I type this in Google Chrome which I absolutely love. So that is 1 out of those 10 times. So that is an added perk as well.
Also Microsoft recently came about with 2016 versions of the Office programs so that is what I have. Seems to be pretty solid and I just do not like how you have to pay for it annually. However, that may not be as bad if I can get it on-sale every year from Amazon.
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