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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2016
got it as Amazon's daily deal.
my 4 year old laptop was kinda struggling with win10.
It had a 5400rpm hdd. it was a pain to replace the drive in my dell laptop (had to disassemble so much).
but after putting this SSD drive my 4 year old laptop now boots faster than my 1 year old laptop macbook pro! crazy
I now go from totally off to my windows desktop ready to use in about 3-4 seconds (it used to take 1-2 minutes)
I was considering replacing my laptop this year... but after putting this ssd inside of it... I think I'm good for another 4 years! :)
I used Macrium Reflect to mirror the drive I already had (so I wouldn't have to re-install everything) worked great! ZERO issues. the process took about 5 hours. so I'd recommend just leave it running overnight
as a plus, my 750GB drive now lives in my PS4, so I got a little extra capacity there as well!
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