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March 12, 2016
Update: Amazon told me to return the card because it was defective - a bunch were. I did and they claim it was never received. However, the other item that was in the box, the other defective card, was. But they only gave me a partial refund on that card and none on the one that was twice the price. They basically stole $60 from me and I am not happy. Stick with an iPad or a real Andriod tablet. Stay away from Amazon.
--New Update: after a complaint to customer service, I received a "good will" full refund. At least I was compensated but this should not have happened. If these were made for Fire Tablets, they should work. They do not.

Worked for the first three months just fine. Then, my Fire tablet said the card was "unrecognizable" so I put it in my computer and it "needed to be scanned to be repaired" which did not work. I contacted Amazon who sent me a replacement (a 16 GB version - I bought a 128 GB) and it did the same thing. First, it was fine. Then, it was not recognized and then corrupted. Before I tried the new card, I reset my Fire as the tech support recommended and didn't install any apps.

I usually go-to SanDisk SD cards. These cards are damaged in some way. When I plugged them into my computer, they said "Generic Card" so I can't help but think these are actually knock offs that either SanDisk or Amazon has produced.


I replaced this with a PNY 128GB that is $15 less and I have had no issues. There is a Samsung micro SD that costs the same but comes with an adapter you can use if you need to plug it into a computer. I would avoid these at all costs. As I read reviews, others have had the same issues. Same your time and money and look elsewhere.
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