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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2018
This waffle iron replaces a 5+yr old AllClad, which I thought was a very good product. However the AllClad finally just was not performing and we were looking for a replacement. This Krups is GREAT!! It produces evenly baked, crispy waffles and is by far a better waffle iron than my old AllClad. We usually will have waffles once every couple of weeks, and we are only cooking for 2 people.

We have found that the best bake comes from using the highest setting of "5" and using about 1/2 cup of batter per section. (Also, this is the first one we have had that "latches" down and since my husband likes to be the cook for these, we have to remember to latch it. Otherwise, just a bit less crispy and the top does not bake as well.)

Cleanup is EASY with the removable plates. One of the things I most wanted in a new waffler, were removable plates--to ease the cleaning process. And this works.

All of this and it only costs a fraction of what I paid for the AllClad. So far, we are very, very happy with the Krups and would highly recommend it.
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