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December 26, 2013
I loved this movie it is a true thriller and it is rather exciting to see Cary Grant playing the sides of good and evil. Although Hepburn was much younger than Grant as he pointed out frequently according to his ex-wife Dyan Cannon) as Hepburn is the pursuer it becomes a very clever game of cat and mouse. Even with the age difference the two pull off the act of love convincingly.
The story is of Regina Lampert whose deceased husband has hid a quarter od a million dollars stolen from the US Government. All of sudden several killers, the CIA, and Paris Police are turning to her to find that money. She joins forces with Peter Joshua who has several aliases to find her husband's secret life and that money. Regina is caught up in a mystery with no one to turn to and no one who she can trust, while falling in love with a person who may just be after the hidden money.
I highly recommend this movie. Hepburn is very energetic in this particular film. A wonderful film by any standard.
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