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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2020
I originally bought these to work in the yard but decided against that because yard debris collects in the shoe too easily. I'll still wear them but not in the yard.

1. I wanted these particular shoes in order to minimize the amount of sun the tops of my feet get compared to flip flops while still keeping my feet cool. That works. Too soon to tell if the tan has faded, but I'm pretty confident that my feet are getting less sun. And, even though my feet are encased in these plastic shoes, they don't sweat.
2. Easy to slip on and off.
3. They look nice.
1. My first impression was that my feet swam in them. Maybe a half size smaller would have been a perfect fit (no half sizes, though). After wearing them a while, I've gotten used to the fit. Would probably be harder to slip on and off if they actually fit. I don't stumble or anything when I walk in them--they're not that big.
2. I usually wear flip-flops all the time, so it took a week or two for my feet to get used to these shoes. The skin/calluses on the edge of my big toes felt "hot" as they rubbed against the inside of the shoe. Feels fine now, though.
3. They initially made a lot of noise walking around. A squishy sound. Now that the soles have been scuffed up a bit, they're okay.
4. My biggest gripe is that, when walking around on my property through grass and brush, debris and dirt falls into the shoe through the small holes but doesn't come out. Stuff occasionally gets in my flip flops, but I can shake them a bit, and it falls out. I have to stop and clean these shoes out periodically.
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