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January 17, 2018
 My mother is 84 years old and she struggles talking on a cell phone, and I struggle to hear her. She kept bumping the cell phone up against her chin, and when I talked to her I hear numerous beeps when we are talking like someone was dialing out. She is having trouble holding the cell phone up to her head. I talked my mom in to getting an Amazon Echo as a gift from me. My sister helped to set it up since I am in another state. When you make a call with the Echo, it uses the phone number associated with the cell phone that is on your Amazon account. So I changed that to my mothers cell number. So when she makes a call, it shows up as her cell phone number on the Caller ID. Now all she has to do is say "Alexa call Greg", and the Echo dials me up, and anyone in her contact list. She rests comfortably in her easy chair, and she can hear everything I say through the Echo, and I can hear everything my mother says very clearly. She can also ask Alexa to dial any number, that is very helpful as well. This feature alone was well worth the price of buying an Amazon Echo. My mother is learning very quickly all the other skills Alexa is able to do, weather, music, audiobooks, trivia questions, etc. Now that I am able to talk to my mother with ease.

I would have to say this is the BEST gadget I have ever bought on Amazon.

Attached is a Voice Mail from my mother, and how much she LOVES the Amazon Echo
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