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Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2015
I bought my first pair of Crocs almost ten years ago, back when they were made in Colorado. They were the most comfortable shoe for hanging around the house or cooking in the kitchen for long periods of time. My house has tile or hardwood so there isn't a lot of give there. Those Crocs were made out of a softer, squishier rubber that had a lot of give to it. These Crocs are made of a firmer material that seems like it has some plastic in it. They aren't very cushioned. They are also a lot smaller. They fit but just barely. Don't know if that's because I got a pair from Mexico instead of China (and how weird is it to be hoping you get one of the ones from China but all the reviews agree they fit better than the ones from Mexico.) Also these have anti-fatigue nubs inside. They are arranged in ridges, higher in some parts than others. You can see it's meant to be higher above the ball of your foot, under your toes but the weird sizing keeps my foot from fitting perfectly in that area so mostly I'm just walking on uneven nubs. I don't know if they work for anti-fatigue because they hurt my feet and I can only wear these shoes for about an hour at a time. I suppose it will be like when I was a kid in the summer and at first it hurt to go barefoot outside but after a while your feet toughen up and it stops hurting. Not thrilled though to have paid money for shoes that my feet have to toughen up for. They are also a lot hotter to wear than my old Crocs. Not sure if it's because of the smaller size or the new material. Overall, I'm very unhappy with these shoes. Looks like I'll have to find a replacement for my old Crocs elsewhere.
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