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Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2013
I had this setup for a month and the my system quite working. I could not figure out why after about two weeks i almost sent my amp to the manufacturer. before so i took it out and used my other cables and hooked it straight to the battery and it worked fine. The fuse was not blown nor the fuses on the amp. I replaced all the fuses 15.00 dollars later and still nothing. I come to found out is was the fuse holder. I contacted knukonceptz and they would not replace it unless i sent it to them. I figured i wasted enough money on them so i went to the local audio store and bought another holder.

A couple months later aka a week ago i started hearing a lot of noise in my subs well the remote wire they run down the middle of the RCA's was creating a lot of interference. I found this out through a guy at bestbuy that does all the audio systems. He had told me to replace the RCA's and I did and it fixed the problem.

The Power wire is the only thing worth a crap in the bundle. Im not the only one in my area that has had this problem. It got a lot of good reviews, I guess I wasnt the lucky buyer.
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