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March 6, 2019
The MAONO Microphone Kit is one of the best pieces of technology I’ve ever come across when it comes to microphones. I am a co-host and producer of my own podcast and prior to testing this bad boy out I was using a Blue Yeti Mic with a pop filter. Which wasn’t bad but certainly is below subpar compared to the more concise audio I was looking to produce.

Not only does the microphone kit come with a pop filter but you also receive a wind condenser, an arm and a Shock mount. Also worth noting is the USB cord that it comes with an extra long USB cable which is perfect for all types of Gaming rig set ups, which was convenient for my given my current situation and also why I hated my Yeti Mic.

The microphone itself was very lightweight and made out of metal which was amazing and provides such a sense of high quality to the product that you forget the product is under $100.

The microphone arm is pretty standard in size although I couldn’t help but feel that the arm was a lot stiffer than what’s to be expected when opening a new product so it’ll take some time getting use to to adjust the arm where you prefer.

Now the pickup pattern is cardioid, so the close you are the mic the more sound it will pick up. Typically I sit around 4-6 inches away from my microphone and the sound produced was very standard of course being 1-2 inches away from the microphone the sound will be louder. Not obnoxiously loud unless you’re screaming but talking very standard of course.

It has also made it easier for my to edit my podcast audio due to it only picking up sound that is right I front of the mic. Unlike my yeti which would pick up sounds from not only me sipping on water but also from typing on my mechanical gaming keyboard.

Now that isn’t to say that it isn’t going to pickup sound from what’s in front of it. But so long as other sounds like crunching on chips or pressing hard on your keyboard it shouldn’t pick up too much of the sound especially if you are using the arm extended to your leverage.

All in all it is a very good piece of tech and is a great starter pack for those looking to be content creators, streamers, podcasters, etc but are tight on funds.
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