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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2006
I saw this movie in the theater and was somewhat let down. I am one who doesn't think M. Mann can make a bad film. I also think that Miami Vice is the greatest show in TV history. The unrated DVD, if watched closely, is very different from the theatrical version. Mostly in the area of music. Especially in the end of the film when "In The Air Tonight" is played over the "confrontation" scene. During that song we get a glimpse of Crockett and Tubbs in the car driving and preparing, much like in the stellar pilot of days gone by. The song from the trailer (L. Park and Jay Z I think) is also in the beginning. The additional clips in the movie all add to the relationship of Sonny and Rico. Mann makes a compelling argument for the composition of the theatrical release during the awesome commentary on the unrated version. True fans do what I've done...tuck this unrated version in your drawer next to your 10lb VHS tape of the original pilot and when you are through watching seasons 1-5 on DVD for the 100th time put on your shades let your chest hair out and lay waste to the rhythym of the night.
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