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April 12, 2016
This is a great product. It's been used for about 5 months, with no visible wear to the grips or the door trim. No installation involved! It is very sturdy - suitable for adults and children. We only use it hung up in a doorway, though it is also designed to be used for floor exercises. It's used many times every single day, by my son who gets sudden bursts of energy and needs a quick, convenient outlet for them. Lacking arm strength, he typically does flips, rather than pull ups, but it still depletes his energy (and strengthens his core) so it's a WINNER! The door will not shut while this is hanging in the doorway, but that is easily rectified by lifting the pullup bar up to remove it. There is a safety clip that gets inserted into the trim that runs along the top of the doorway, but this clip in no way contributes to the strength of the bar when it is in use, or the stability of the bar when it is not in use (as long as it isn't bumped). It is merely used to make sure that when the bar is removed, it is not removed by rocking the bar backwards, because that would cause it to fall on you if not for the presence of the little clip. It may look flimsy, but it is more than enough to get the job done, and I love how it does not need to be hammered or screwed or in any other way installed into the door frame. It simply slides in and out. Take it out when you take the bar down, because it will fall out without the bar to keep it in place. To remove the bar from its position in the doorway, you simply stand on the side of the doorway where the safety clip is installed and lift the bar straight up and over the clip. Already supporting the weight of the bar, there is no danger of it falling on you!
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