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September 27, 2019
This is one of my very favorite movies. I recorded it when it first came on and had watched it so much I knew the dialog. I gave it four stars and thought about three stars because I was very disappointed when it came to the two parts they took out I thought was good. You need funny and ‘feeling’. The first one was when he took her (Nikki DeLoach) up and she was afraid for him to land in what looked like a swamp to her from the air and he said he would take her back if she wanted. They just showed they had landed and were walking and talking. The second one was the best one they took out..she had invited his father (she and her little girl had made friends with) to come and help make cookies for a recital party. She wanted to bake them at 500 degrees as she didn’t know how to bake. Her sister came in and said she baked brownies for a party when she was in high school and they used them for blackouts under the eyes. The friend saved the cookies. Stuff like that is good. They could have taken the part out that they showed the plane flying for the long time when the movie started and left those few seconds in. I think bad judgement was used. It still is a great movie but when I watch it I am disappointed when time for those parts. I miss them and it takes away from the movie.
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