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April 2, 2017
I got the subscription as a deal, but when I got the magazine I felt ripped off. This is not a recipe magazine! This is a hipster food style and tend magazine. It tells you what's hot and where to go around the world for food.... Wow that's useful, I really needed to know where to go eat when I go on my yearly Kyoto sojourn that I don't go on. It's like a food blog, but a magazine, with barely any food recipes there and it's like they try to hide them. Don't waste your time unless for some reason you like reading about food tends and you love advertisements, because they take up half the magazine. If you want a magazine that delivers on recipes get one of the Cooks Illustrated subscriptions (tho they going you with extra mailers for their other products, but there are no ads in the magazine) or the extremely noble and very good recipe magazine Cuisine at Home, but don't waste your time on this.
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