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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2019
They're terrible. I have a phone that still has an aux outlet so I dont need bluetooth. That's part of why I got these. I hate how all headphones now are bluetooth only and it drains my phone's battery when I really dont need that. I like having the option of both bluetooth and aux so I can use these with my ipad and other devices but with these headphones in particular that's not an option. You have to be on full battery and if you only use corded like I did it doesnt matter, the battery still drains because you have to have bluetooth on to have these on in general. Why the hell would you even include an aux cable and outlet then? -1 star for basic design

They look good but form follows function

The rest of the design is not terrible...but it's not great. They're meant to look like sound studio headphones without providing the actual sound isolation with ear shaping. Just looks no function.

The buttons are clunky, it's hard to tell what does what and took too long to realize that it always needs bluetooth on to function at all, even with a cord.-more design stars

Not to mention the exterior design is just not good. Not too flimsy, but these clearly wouldnt stay on during exercise and would break in a backpack. -1 star for design

The fact there's so many fivr star reviews shocks me. It's very clear that most of the five star are probably paid for or bribed for (a lot of brands that sell on amazon offer a free thing if you give them a good fake review)

Also I'm not a music snob. I listen to podcasts on the train and at work. I got these because im someone who doesnt need $300 noise cancelling sound quality. I just want to block out my workmates while I work and my little target earbuds and a05 headphones kept breaking I thought I'd upgrade. The sound quality is on par with $14 target gummy headphones that fall apart in two uses.
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