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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2019
I have an Echo Dot 1st Generation and a 2nd Generation Echo. I decided to update both Echo's and add to my household for more quality and help from Alexa. I had noticed that the speaker of 1st generation dot was starting to sound a bit off, like a cracked speaker, and Alexa wasn't responding as well as before (but she heard me better than this new one), hence the update of the dot. And the upgrade for the original Echo 2nd Generation was because of the Zigbee hub (I updated to Echo Plus 2nd Gen). That all being said...

The Echo 3rd Generation Dot in the kitchen doesn't hear me very well (the old one did a better job). Many times I will ask Alexa to add things to my shopping list and she gets it totally wrong or I hear the new Echo Plus 2nd Generation in the other room pick it up. Also if I tell her to set a timer in the kitchen, again many times she doesn't hear me or the other one will pick it up. I figure the reason the other Echo (in another room) hears me is because I am having to shout at Alexa to do what I am asking; set a 10 min timer, add eggs to the shopping list, ect. Very annoying!

Not to be all negative on the 3rd Generation, if I do play music on the Everywhere Group setting it isn't to bad sounding, but it is in my kitchen (my hub) and I need to be able to request to her to add things to the shopping list, set timers and she needs to be able to hear it correctly and not make me shout at her.

Lastly, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation sound quality (when she does hear you) is way off. I have tried repeatedly to bring up the sound quality (less base / muffled sound) for use in just the kitchen. The Echo Dot 3rd Generation is way to muffled sounding, and sadly this one is going somewhere in the household where it will be rarely used and I will bring the old one back out of least I could understand the Echo 1st Generation more, with no muffled sound, and she heard me way better than the Echo 3rd Generation. I am disappointed in this Echo 3rd Gen Dot and glad it was on sale, per it wasn't worth the 50.00 original asking price. I do enjoy the Echo Plus 2nd Generation with the Zigbee Hub, but it is in a different room, and I do play music through it.
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