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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2019
When I tell you I hate the idea of Crocs, there is no other word to use. I hate them. Not because they are a bad shoe, not because they arent comfortable, no. I hate Crocs because of what they represent. "Old Man".. Yup, my kids said I am officially an old man for buying a pair of shoes based purely on comfort and not style.

I purchased these for use around the house as well as the campsite. We go camping often, and having footwear that can be easily put on, was a must have. My Daughter who is in a Nursing Class in school wears her Crocs often, and honestly, I believe those in the Medical field are the only folks that should wear Crocs outside of the home. Yes, I am that guy. I will not leave my bedroom without something on my feet, so having something like Crocs has been quite convenient.

Fit.. These things suck to wear without socks. Even with all the holes throughout, they still cause your feet to sweat. The Sweat can lead to foot odor, and it is the foot odor only pigs could appreciate. It is bad. My dogs see me in the Crocs and immediately vomit all over themselves. I think they prefer to smell like vomit than to smell my Feet after a day of bare Croc wear. Wearing them with Socks must be what they are designed for, but if you do this, buy the size bigger than you would normally buy. I wear a 10.5 mens US, so I ordered the size 11 Crocs, and with socks on, the fit it quite snug. Wearable for sure, but not as convenient to slide on as intended.

Crocs are comfortable, convenient, and easy to keep clean. They are a great Slipper alternative, and are even Daily wearable. They live up to the hype, and I should have purchased them sooner. I refuse to be the "Old Man" my daughters call me, so I will deny owning Crocs, and will only wear them at campsite and during Holloween while wearing a mask.
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