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June 1, 2018
The opening couple chapters of "Flatline" were great. Kate had some interesting magic, the action was nicely paced and the introduction of Aron was intriguing. But as we moved forward with the introduction of more and more magic things started falling flat. The explanations everyone kept giving Kate were really frustrating. We got the same info over and over, but muddled and slightly different every time. Plus the way everyone talked to her (and thus the reader) as if she/we were idiots. After the nice action of the opening, things slowed down significantly to a plodding pace. When there was action again it just wasn't as good as the earlier chapters. Then Kate starting having her magic to new weird things she didn't intend it to. I wound up rolling my eyes at a lot of it. It just wasn't written well. Gave up about halfway through.
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