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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2019
I often forget that companies for simplicity years ago decided to market storage data this way. This is my first large micro sd card so really I hadn't the loss in storage till now; which is around 5%. So you're getting around 475gb rather than 512gb. This is because 1000mb does not make 1gb, but 1024mb is 1gb. That 24mb difference is next to nothing on small storage cards, though with the rule of large numbers the higher you go the more you lose and it adds up/subtracts from the advertised size. In this case it's 37gb of lost storage. I have no idea why this hasn't been fixed by now. Storage space and batteries are possibly the only products that can lie on their package about their capacity, and not be reprimanded for it. I'm sure the people who buy the 1tb cards aren't thrilled when they see 74gb missing either.
Outside of that the card works great and haven't had any problems with it as of yet. I just think now that we have even larger cards than this, that companies would acknowledge the loss and advertise the cards appropriately.
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