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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2009
Bought this reconditioned from Oreck. After about 3 months I should have returned it,the air quality had not improved and I'm not impressed with it. Had originally thought I'd buy a brand new one for my bedroom but after my experience with the first one I decided against it.

I caution any buyer of Oreck products to be very careful about believing the sales claims, If you get it and don't like it you'd better return it in less than 5 days. I bought a power scrubber never opened the box and went into the hospital for several weeks and was unable to return the unit. When I called their customer service department they said I gone past the 30 day return time and although I could (and will) return the unit I will have to pay $130 "restocking fee" plus return shipping at my expense. A very costly return considering I was in the hospital and never took the unit out of the box. All they have to do is stick on a new address label and off it will go to someone else.

I will (personally) not buy any more Oreck products, I only encourage YOU to be very careful and not wait very long before returning the product if that's what you decide to do. Customer service is not very friendly, nor helpful nor understanding. It's horrible being 65 and living alone with no one to do the calls and returns when you're incapacitated.
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