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August 4, 2019
In my opinion, Tidy Cats has always been one of the best litters out there. As I‘ve gotten older, the weight or regular litter has become difficult and I turned to light weight litters. Tidy Cats is still tops in my opinion.

My kits detest any fragrance in their litter, and if the box smell gets “too bad” between scooping (2-3 times a day), they won’t bother with the box. Tidy Cats meets both needs- no perfume or essential oils and controls odor.

My most recent struggle with keeping this litter in the house was lack of availability locally and recycling all the pails when I could get it. Thanks to the new “online special packaging”, the litter comes to my door (also helpful in reducing the amount of lugging I do) and more easily recycles with my other paper-based products (saves space too).

Couldn’t be happier with the pairing of the product’s new packaging and Amazon’s delivery service. Life has been made easier!
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