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Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2019
The first unit I ordered when either missing or delivered to the wrong address, after contacting Amazon they send replacement unit right away. THANK YOU AMAZON, best customer service A+++. After fully charging the unit for a little bit over 12 hours ( with the provided micro USB ) I was able to see for myself how well the NOCO GB150 works. I had a car that was sitting with a dead battery for a little bit over 7 days ( Land Rover - battery completely drained, the voltmeter on the GB150 indicated that my battery only had 1volt ). I pop the hood open, hooked up the GB150 and was able to start the car with much power to spare. It was so easy, no hassle with jumper cables or pulling another car next to this one and wasting 10 or 15 minutes trying to jumpstart a car. With the GB150 it took me literally less than 1 minute to have the car started. In my opinion the NOCO GB 150 is the best portable jump starter yet, I would even say that it is better than the stationary charger / jump starter, there is no hassle of running extension cords up to your car and dragging a heavy large jump-starting unit. The NOCO GB150 might not fit everybody's budget because it is rather pricey at almost $300, but if you can afford it that is the best choice, especially for people who are not handy, or don't want to be stranded waiting for another driver to come along and give them a jump start. This unit is completely dummy proof so anybody can use it, even if you never jump-started a car before you can use the NOCO without worrying that there will be sparks flying or that you accidentally hooked up positive to negative and vice-versa.
Don't get stranded, order one soon, you never know when you're going to need it.
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