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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2018
I've had this iPad for just a few weeks but I love it. It arrived brand new in original packaging with all the standard accessories. I bought the iPad for the sole purpose of using it to start getting into digital art. When I say sole purpose, I mean I only use this iPad for ProCreate. I never have the internet on or use it for videos since I use my MacAir or iPhone for those things. I purchased the Apple Pencil and it works wonderfully on this iPad. For anyone who is interested in this more budget iPad for digital art or taking notes, I would recommend it.

I bought a case for the iPad and it isn't as light as you might think. It has some weight to it. So if you are someone who really needs a REALLY lightweight tablet, this might not be great.

The battery life so far is amazing. But, like I said before I don't have the internet on or any other app running besides ProCreate when I am using it.

Maybe in two years this little guy won't be running so great, but for right now I am so pleased with my purchase. The one thing I might regret is not buying the one with more GB of memory.

If you are looking into breaking into digital art, or would like to start doing digital illustrations, I would recommend this. However, for someone who has a good grasp of digital art or has used a previous tablet, consider the size of this tablet. If you need a lot of space to draw, this screen size might be too small and you should consider the 10 or 12 inch ipad Pro line. I have small hands and haven't ever used a tablet to draw before so it works great for me.
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