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January 15, 2017
The basic plot idea is ok, but the execution is terrible. What I thought was terrible (and I'm sure these will be spoilers):
Poor little rich girls somehow are able to make it on minimum wage. Like the Howells on Gilligan's Island who always seemed to have almost everything anyone needed, these girls magically always have enough money, even for ice cream. And they complain that the bus is always smelly, about having to do manual labor and go without a tv (boo-hoo), and whine about having to try SO hard and not get anywhere. Meanwhile they have a gorgeous apartment/house, beautiful clothes, shoes and jewelry, etc. I found myself playing the world's smallest violin. I wish they had learned a lesson about the benefits of a job well done and a little hard work never hurt anyone. Instead they are rewarded with husbands and enough money to cure their little sister's leukemia!
I could have gone along with the lotion notion ( ;-) ), but it was presented as a miracle healing-all-pain lotion. Really?
Some of the acting was really subpar.
Elinor says she had already changed the oil (seriously) in the non-starting truck after she had JUST drained something out of the engine onto her sister's face. What was that supposed to be? And the lawyer/boyfriend is able in two seconds to fix the engine, after whatever it was was drained out. Where did Elinor get the ramps to put the truck up on, and what city would let her fix her car right on the street like that?
What really burned me is that at the end there are title pages that say what happened to each character. The cheating ex-boyfriend John who tried to steal the lotion formula is said to have been trying to marry an oil heiress. In the next frame is a distressed John with a very happy heavy-set girl who I guess is not supposed to be as pretty as the thin, model-like stars of the movie, as his supposed punishment. Unacceptable!
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