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Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2012
After shopping around on a budget for a while trying to figure out what I wanted out of my next sex toy I settled on the Titan Men Intimidator. I thought it was WAY more toy than what I was going to need originally which is why I was hesitant to get it but the design was perfect for what I wanted. After trying it out though I'm so glad I got it. So here's the skinny:
1) It has an odor. This is my first non-100% silicone toy and it did have a strongish smell coming out of the box. I've washed it a few times and it still prevails.
2) The shape is perfect and didn't find that the tip was to "pointy" as some other reviewers have mentioned. I found it to be great on my P spot and was milked on it without even trying. Significantly milked... The tip also felt great when pulling off / almost off the tip, or when my anus was tugged by the bottom ridge.
3) I got half way down second try. My largest toy Is Tantus's "Captain" that they discontinued. It's 6.5 in length and has a 2in diameter. That should help give you and idea of what I was moving up from. The Intimidator is great as it starts out at the tip at about a 2in diameter then tapers and widens again.
4) It has ridges which feel great when you get going and feel even better when you push boundaries and feel them pop. I only did this with a couple ridges and felt it was all I could accommodate comfortably.
5) The base, I wish the base was designed so that it rested on the floor at an angle or that it was easier to hold and maneuver.
6) Length, I'm not sure if I will ever bottom out on this toy as the width at the base is far to much for my rose bud.
7) It has some forgiveness in the material and has a good amount of flexibility until half way down
Over all, besides the smell and the base I'm very pleased with the purchase. I felt I was taking a risk by not investing in better quality material as all the toys that were the size I wanted in silicone were out of my price range. Overall, a pretty good toy to get that itch and is the perfect toy to stretch out on.
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