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Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2017
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen  Check the reviews for the last week or two for this product before you make your decision!! It sounds like there is a bad batch of these mattresses sitting in the warehouse and slowly going out to people.

I received a mattress with a shipment date (from the factory paperwork) of 10/24/17. It REEKED of mold/mildew, and in less than an hour of unboxing and opening the compressed mattress, I had a headache and sore throat. Even now, a couple of hours later, I still feel...weird, with a continuing headache and burning nose/throat.

I purchased this mattress to replace a Spa Sensations memory foam mattress from Wal-Mart that was fine for about five years but recently started to sag/tent in the middle. That mattress had about a 24-36 hour chemical/paint/factory floor greasy smell that went away and never came back. This mold/mildew smell is different. It is NOT RIGHT that a polyurethane foam/petroleum/chemical product should smell like mold/mildew. I considered opening the cover to check for visible spores but the zipper end appears to be sewn or glued down! You would have to cut the cover to check underneath. My old memory foam mattress had a working zipper on the cover.

After some research and poking through the reviews for this product by keywords "mold," "mildew," "smell," etc., I came across the more recent reviews that talk about the mold/mildew smell. I wonder if these reviewers got a 12" mattress from the same batch as me? I put the mattress outside before starting to writing this review and it feels like the burning and the headache are dissipating. I am a loyal Amazon and Prime customer and this is probably the worst issue I've experienced from a product. Hope they can fix this. I still think there are good beds-in-a-box to be had given my previous experience with them, but something was seriously wrong with this one. Edit to add: I received a refund from Amazon. Thank you for taking responsibility for this defective product.
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