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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2018
First of all, I purchased the rainbow umbrella -- the one that's black on the outside, rainbow swirl on the inside (a lot like RuPaul, in other words), and it is GORGEOUS (also like RuPaul). It is absolutely, utterly beautiful. It's the kind of umbrella that makes you want to choreograph a musical number that you'll perform in the cobblestone streets, the next time it rains. If it weren't bad luck to have an open umbrella in the house, I'd hang it from the ceiling or use it as a lazy susan in the middle of the dining room table. Simply as a physical object, to have and hold, it wins big time.

As an active, ergonomic umbrella, it's as fragile, wispy and delicate as any other umbrella, if not far more so. After one use -- ONE! ONE use! -- it already has a metal spine tip that's dangling by a thread, and another metal spine tip that's gone altogether. Seriously, I think I've opened it up a total of five times, and only one of those times was outdoors. It's also impossible to get it to compress and slide neatly back into the tubular fabric case without bending, wrinkling and getting really disheveled, which I'm sure is how the tiny, feeble metal parts are losing their will to live. I really really want this umbrella to last, considering what I paid for it, but I have a feeling the design makes it susceptible to a very short, low-energy lifespan. In that sense, this umbrella is NOT like RuPaul.
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