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May 21, 2018
My son is almost 18 months old. I know it's a "tablet". However, this toy would work better for him if it had more moving parts rather than flat touch-screen buttons that don't "do" anything. Granted, we never let him play with our smartphones so he's not familiar with touch-screens; and he's much more into the mechanics of his things than the teaching aspect--he rolls the wheels of his stroller back and forth whenever he has the chance--BUT he is not at all interested in the touch-screen buttons on this tablet. He spends all his time with it pushing the "real" buttons, the ones that actually have movement: the home button at the bottom (he pushes it repeatedly, which just causes the tablet to repeat it's intro phrases), the on/off/volume switch on the side, and the settings "slider" switch at the top. We'll see if he begins to take an interest in the touch buttons, which light up and have a variety of settings/responses. The one positive for my son is the music setting. He loves the different music it plays. However, as I mentioned, he is drawn to the slider switch at the top, which changes the setting from music to something else, and he is constantly cutting off the songs even though he likes them.
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