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Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2014
I've been a gym member for several years, and use their treadmills several times a week for long distance running. When my husband said he wanted to purchase a treadmill for our home so he could start running as well, I started looking at "gym quality" treadmills since that is what I was used to. They can easily run $1500 or more. He was not willing to spend that much money on our first treadmill since he didn't know if running was something he would enjoy or keep up with for a long time. So he chose the Proform 505 CST Treadmill as a "middle of the road" compromise.

We scheduled the delivery for a Friday afternoon. The delivery guys would not bring it down to our basement for some reason, so they just left the box in our garage, and my husband had to carry it down piece by piece, since the whole box was a couple hundred pounds. It probably took him an hour or so to put it all together...but then when he got the display console out of its box, the thing was cracked really bad and the display screen didn't work. He called Amazon, and they said they could send us a new treadmill, but recommended that we contact Proform first. Unfortunately, Proform was already closed since this was a Friday evening.

So he called Proform the next morning, and they had him email a photo of the damage, and said we would receive a new console in 7-10 business days. Seven days later, we got a box on our front porch with a new console in it. I had read some horrible reviews on here of poor customer service from Proform, but I couldn't disagree more...our experience was great (despite the fact that the product was perfect to begin with).

Husband said putting the treadmill together was very simple. I had to help him hold things once or twice, but for the most part it could be a one person job.

Now the real test was me testing out the treadmill, since my husband calls me a "gym snob". I don't run fast (5.5-6.0) but I run for long periods of time. I'm training for a half marathon in April, so my weekly training runs are getting higher in mileage now. I ran on it for over an hour last weekend, and it gave me no problems at all. It doesn't seem to be much less quality than the ones I run on at the gym. I'm impressed by its quality...very secure, doesn't seem to shake too much with impact. Wish it had a fan, but we bought a clip on fan and attached it to the side. Hoping to use this thing for years to come, it's great!
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