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Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2018
 OK- maybe that was a smidge overkill there but this product has reduced stress, kept me more organized, and increased safety while driving! Win, win, win!

I applied it to the plastic smooth shiney front of the car radio panel in my Subaru Outback. It stuck there all summer (it was a hot summer in NY, definitely no Arizona level heat but it isn't the heat anyway, right? It's the humidity. But I digress...) and didn't show any sign of letting go as other reviewers have mentioned happened in heat.

I wish I had applied it 180 degress from how I did due to the amount of rotation I get- it is just a smidge more angled up than I would like so test that out first. I use a magnetic charging cable by wsken and the combination of these means I can secure the phone and connect the charge cable one handed.

The phone has never fallen off this. My previous solutions all failed at one point or another (I've owned this for about 6 months).

Additionally, I own the Belkin Clip Fit running armband (the case part stays on all the time and then it clips into the armband). I was thrilled to find that this still works with the round ultra thin magnet adhered to the back. You can use the unused magnet to make something else magnetic. They are super strong.

See my review of the rectangle style for a visual comparison of the round and rectangle side by side.
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