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March 22, 2016
My whole family enjoyed this movie. Nearly all of the major characters are all funny. With some the humor is blatant and even outrageous - the main character and his buddies are really goofy - and with others the humor is more subtle. There is plenty of action, as you would expect with a superhero movie, but even the climactic battle scene alternates between thrills and giggles.

The decision to have the hero be a new character (Scott Lang) rather than Dr. Hank Pym was a good one. It allowed the filmmakers to ditch the baggage associated with some of Hank Pym's darker actions in the original comics. It also allowed the filmmakers to bring Ant-Man into the present without making a new Hank Pym origin story set in the modern era (it's a continuation, not a "reboot" of the series). In this movie, Hank Pym is an old man. He is still brilliant, but physically he is no longer able to stand up to the rigors of being the Ant-Man, and needs someone younger to help him prevent an ambitious scientist from unleashing the potentially dangerous Ant-Mantechnology into dangerous hands.


Most of the themes of the movie are pretty wholesome. The main character is a father trying to get his life back together after being released from prison. Even though he did commit a crime, he did so with good intentions. He broke the law exposing criminal fraud by others and returning fraudulently obtained funds. He does struggle with morality and makes some bad choices after leaving prison, since he is desperate to pay his back child support so that he can get visitation rights with his daughter, yet he has trouble holding down a job since no one wants to hire a felon. However, it is his talent for burglary that lands him in his new gig as Ant-Man. In the end his morality and his love for his daughter are the qualities that allow him to make the tough decision needed to save the day.

The special effects are very good, and the filmmakers took a lot of care to make the environment realistic in the scenes where Ant-Man is the size of an ant. Their attention to detail really shows.

I bet a lot of kids begged their kids for ant farms after seeing this movie!
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