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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2019
UPDATE: Boltune reached out and offered to replace the headphones at no cost, or to issue a refund. I opted for the refund. Their great customer service made up for my poor experience with the product.
I purchased these as they were well-reviewed and I have several flights, both work related and personal, planned for the year. While they worked, they worked well enough to stave off the temptation to get something top of the line like Bose or Sony. A little over 3 months in to their limited use, they bluetooth stopped working altogether. They'll connect to my phone, but no sound comes out.
My troubleshooting efforts included:
- checking the bluetooth settings for the device and turning "media volume" toggle off and then back on
- Forgot the device from my phone's bluetooth settings, then re-pairing
- Making sure my phone wasn't the issue and connecting another pair of bluetooth headphones - sound came out of these no problem - suggesting that the phone has no issues pushing sound out via BT signal.
- using the auxiliary cord and plugging in analog, I was able to get sound out of the headphones, so the drivers are not broken, further confirming the bluetooth receiver is the issue.

I would have liked to have the opportunity to contact Boltune and seek some sort of resolution, but could not find any customer service contact information. Next time I'll have to Pony up and purchase a higher quality more reputable brand with more robust customer service offerings.
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